Mutual Inquiry

In every meeting the most fundamental question of life can turn up and be expressed – at least if we are capable of listening.  This is the heart of a lecture held by Ton Lathouwers in April 2012 in Steyl.

He spoke about mutual inquiry, a well-known practice among Zen circles allied to the FAS Society. In the lecture, mutual inquiry is introduced as an alternative to dokusan within Maha Karuna Chan.

In Japan, FAS Society was a renewal movement characterized by equality.  Hisamatsu, founder of this movement, put a strong emphasis on the breaking up of hierarchical structures, of inequality, of power basis in relations.  The movement was based on mutual respect and on the idea that everyone can learn from everyone, that it can begin to flow through meeting.

Meeting is a word of the heart for Ton Lathouwers. One can find the text of his warm plea for mutual inquiry and its practical application in Zen retreats via this link, that leads to a Dutch pdf file.