Ton Lathouwers

Ton Lathouwers. 2014Guidance by Ton Lathouwers is characterized by an informal style, grafted rather on Chinese Chan than on Japanese Zen. Officially the Maha Karuna Chan belongs to the Chinese Rinzai (Linji) Chan tradition. In 1987 Ton Lathouwers received authorization to be a Chan teacher by Teh Cheng (S.A. Jinarakkhita). On this occasion the name Hui Yu (friend of wisdom) was given to him.

Guidance by Ton Lathouwers is directed at the person and puts in its center the meeting – ideally from heart to heart (i shin den shin) or from vulnerable human being to vulnerable human being – in teisho (Zen lecture), in dokusan (dialogue with the teacher) and recently in particular in mutual inquiry.

Ton doesn’t receive any emails anymore. Reading and answering them takes just too much of his time. We hope for your understanding.

In his teisho’s (Zen lectures), Ton gives many examples from Russian literature and great philosophers. Some often quoted names: Teh Cheng, Dostoijevski, Tolstoi, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Fortmann, and of course his favourite author Sjestov.

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