History of the website

  • Version 1.  In 1997 the first pages of the Maha Karuna Chan (MKC) appeared on the internet.  The then webmaster, artist Harrie de Kroon (Breda, The Netherlands), built an attractive site. Towards the end of 1999, the MKC divisions of Flanders (Belgium) and The Netherlands grew somewhat away from each other, each with their own agenda.  A run, as it were, to merge once again, well and good, in the middle of 2000.
  • Version 2.  In 1999 Harrie de Kroon passed the website-torch to the new webmaster, Jo Ampe (Lubbeek-Pellenberg, Belgium).  His experience as a webmaster of a.o. the non-profit organizations the Flemish Rheumatism League, the Flemish Organization for Bechterew Patients, and Rheumatism in Motion, was a first class trump card.
  • Version 3.  In November 2000, version 2 was updated and extended.  The number of visitors rose, partly because of free domain names (URLs) such as or
  • Version 4.  And still the webmaster wasn’t satisfied.  A website should live, shouldn’t it?  There’s got to be some movement.  In February 2002 he gave the website a face-lift, its structure was adapted and some options were added, like an electronic application form for the sesshins.  In October 2002, some additional modifications were applied like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and roll-over menus.  A new statistic was started.  Previously Nedstat, and, after quitting, the free StatAll, CQ-Counter.
  • Version 5.  In 2004 we became better known by the free web address
  • Version 6.  A new lay-out and less busy menus have to make surfing even more fluent and agreeable.  The internal HTML code of each page is further adapted for  better downloading into different browsers.
  • Version 7.  And starting 2010 it was time to carry through some major adaptations:
    • the webmaster team was extended: from now on Jo Ampe and Ronald de Caluwé
    • the site was completely rewritten using a Content Management System, “WordPress”
    • the application forms for sesshins and e-newsletter were redeveloped


  • Our mailing system and the complete website are hosted on computers by PriorWeb (Belgium).
  • From 2011 on, our website works on computers fed on a 100% green energy.  Thus we help somewhat to keep the green world livable.
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